Do you have patients that you are treating for IBS, SIBO, IBD, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease and other common ailments that are not responding as you would have expected? Come learn about some of the more elusive factors that are making your patients resistant to treatment. Lyme disease, for example, can contribute to motility issues in the GI tract and make SIBO and other GI disorders very difficult to treat.

Other factors like mold exposure can make candida and IBS resistant to treatment if the exposure is not addressed. Lyme Disease and tick-borne illness is a vast topic. Many patients struggle to find Lyme-literate physicians.

While you may not want to specialize in treating Lyme Disease in your patient population, if you can understand when Lyme Disease or its common co-morbidities may be affecting your patients, you can help them recover faster. Many of these patients become chronically ill because recognizing, properly assessing aqnd treating the factors of these illnesses is not understood by most physicians.

Our class is designed to help you understand how to recognize, test for and begin basic treatment for Lyme Disease, tick-borne illnesses and related conditions. We will also cover chronic viral illness and other stealth pathogens, mold illness, parasitic infections, metal toxicity, KPU, dental infections, and EMF sensitivity.

We will also explain how these illnesses overlap and how you cannot treat one without ruling out the others for your chronically ill patients. There will be time for clinical presentations and a question and answer session.

Presented by Dr. Brooke Bodeen, Dr. Mónica Calderón, Dr. Anne Hill, Dr. Ami Kapadia and Dr. Tom Messinger