After years of seeing many other doctors (alternative and traditional) who have not been able to help me, I found Dr. Kapadia. After six months of being under her care, I have more energy, I’m confidant I’m eating foods that really support my immune system, and most of the pain I was experiencing is gone. So I’m enjoying life so much more because I’m feeling so much better.

My experiences with Dr. Kapadia inside the office or via email have always been supportive and encouraging. When I’ve had questions or concerns or was discussing my ailments and struggles, she listened with compassion and provided thoughtful feedback. Her testing diagnostics are far more in depth than most doctors that I’ve seen. And she provided several different treatment options that included homeopathic medicine, supplements, and essential oils to heal my health issues. I was trying to stay away from antibiotics, but she offered that option as well, if I wanted to go that route.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Dr. Kapadia’s bedside manner. She is very compassionate and took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. If I had any further questions after appointments she was always available via email and responded very quickly. I should also mention that I’m kind of a high maintenance patient because I’m a highly sensitive person. Seeing doctors is very stressful for me. But Dr. Kapadia was so kind, caring, and considerate, after my first two appointments I actually felt at ease talking to her. That’s a new experience for me.

So I can easily recommend Dr. Kapadia very highly because she truly is a wonderful person and an excellent doctor.
— DS

I would highly recommend Dr. Kapadia due to my marked improvement in health over the 9 months I saw her. When I first began seeing Dr. Kapadia I felt quite unwell and my life was quite restricted. She listened carefully, was very thorough, and also quite supportive. Over the course of my treatment there were gradual changes that resulted in my energy level, overall stamina, and cognition becoming significantly improved, and this continues to be so. I no longer feel ill and I am able to live much more fully, once again.

Dr. Kapadia is a valuable resource in exploring ways of maximizing health potential, by addressing illness and imbalance, and supporting the body’s natural healing capacities, through dietary and supplement interventions in improving and restoring balance. In addition to all of this, she is really very kind and straight forward.
— RB

For over a decade, I’ve dealt with a rollercoaster of skin and gastrointestinal reactions that I didn’t fully understand and couldn’t get rid of. Prior doctors usually tried to treat my symptoms or took only a shallow dive to unearth the more obvious causes, leaving me feeling out of control and without a path forward. Thanks to working with Dr. Kapadia, I was able to experience life without any reactions in years and learn what my triggers are. While I still flare up on occasion, I usually know what caused it and can get my body back to neutral quickly. I cannot thank Dr. Kapadia enough for helping me take back control of my body!
— CL

I have been seeing Dr. Kapadia since 2015. She quickly requested various blood tests that led to my Celiac Disease diagnostic, after previously seeing numerous Dr.’s in 1.5 years and getting continually getting worse. With her guidance and advice, I have fully healed and am thriving on a very strict gluten free lifestyle. Dr. Kapadia is a caring and determined Dr. who understands our bodies are unique and complex. She works diligently to find the best treatment plan for each individual encompassing natural medicine, pharmaceutical medicine, food and environments. I highly highly recommend Dr. Kapadia to anyone with an autoimmune disease or those who are suffering from an diagnosed health issue. I have referred close friends to her and they continue to improve under her treatment.
— MB

Dr. Kapadia works tirelessly to help find the root cause of health challenges that most doctors have no answers for. I started seeing Dr. Kapadia when doctor after doctor gave up on me. She is relentless in her pursuit to find the root cause. Dr. Kapadia is one of a kind because she combines the best of Eastern and Western medicine approaches, and she stays up to date on the latest research. I am very thankful I found Dr. Kapadia to help me reach my health goals.
— JL

We are very grateful to Dr. Ami Kapadia. She was the only who has helped my daughter with her allergies. My poor girl has been wearing long sleeves and jackets even in the summer just to hide the wounds and rashes from her arms and is basically allergic to most food groups. We have tried traditional treatment from her pediatrician, sought an allergy specialist, classical homeopathy, NAET treatment, name it and we might have tried it but none of it worked. Only Dr. Ami was able to treat her with all the herbs and supplements. Now my daughter is better, no skin issues and been occasionally enjoying normal foods. I think her digestive system has been better but we don’t want to abuse it and actually making us eat healthier. I would highly recommend Dr. Kapadia for those with food allergies.
— RK