STEP 1: Scheduling: 

All new patients are invited to call our front desk to schedule a new patient appointment as well as a 15 minute phone introduction to see if we are a good fit for you. Please call 503-701-8766, Ext. #2. Please NOTE: We are currently not able to accept Medicare. 

STEP 2: Review Email Information:

You will receive an email after you schedule your appointments. Please review this email ASAP as we will assume you have read through these materials when we have your phone introduction. 

STEP 3: Phone Introduction: 

During the 15 minute phone introduction we will review some basic information and give you a sense of whether we think we can help you. Please NOTE: We are NOT able to give any medical advice or referrals on the phone. 

STEP 4: Paperwork: 

Please fill out all paperwork AHEAD OF TIME before your new patient appointment or come at least 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork. Please gather any labs that you've had done in the last year to bring to your first appointment. 

STEP 5: Initial and Follow-Up Appointments:

Initial appointments are 60-75 minutes long. Lab testing is sometimes ordered at the first visit. We do not start treatment until at least your first follow-up visit. 

Initial follow-up visit is 45 minutes. Subsequent follow-up visits are 25 minutes for medical visits, and 45-60 minutes when we combine medical visits with a holistic/biofeedback based evaluation (which includes some combination of acupuncture, acupressure, pulse evaluation, palpation, individualized supplement protocol and other modalities). 


We are in-network with many insurance plans. Please read the initial email sent to you for details on insurance coverage. Please also NOTE: insurance only covers a portion of your care (office visit and routine labs). We often find other modalities, nutritional supplements, and out of network lab testing helpful, and these are not covered by insurance. Again, please review the details in the initial email you receive. Please see these specific questions you can ask your insurance company. 

Please call the front desk for details: 503-701-8766, Ext. #2. Please note: We are currently not able to accept Medicare.