Functional Medicine: 

Dr. Kapadia is a caring and determined Dr. who understands our bodies are unique and complex.


As a functional medicine practitioner, I look for and address the underlying causes of disease. I look at various factors that can influence someone’s health including their genetics, environment, and lifestyle. More specifically, I look for hidden chronic infections, microbial imbalances, food intolerances, environmental allergies and exposures to toxins that can affect health.  As I see more and more complex patients who have been to many other physicians already, I try to be a detective and piece together the underlying issues that are making them sick. This involves a patient-centered approach as well as active participation from the patient.



Environmental Medicine: 

Dr. Kapadia works tirelessly to help find the root cause of health challenges that most doctors have no answers for.


Environmental Medicine involves looking at each individual's unique environmental exposures that may be contributing to their health. I investigate the potential effects of indoor and outdoor allergens (dust, pollens, molds and exposures to water damaged buildings) as well as other exposures such as pollution and environmental toxins on health. I educate patients on the concept of "total load" as I learned from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, as a means to understand that multiple and chronic environmental exposures in a susceptible individual contribute to a breakdown of that person's homeostatic mechanisms. Rarely is there only one offending agent responsible for causing a diseased condition. Multiple factors co-exist, usually over a prolonged period of time in bringing about the disease process.



We are very grateful to Dr. Ami Kapadia. She was the only who has helped my daughter with her allergies


We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all diet. I work with each patient to find the diet that is most suited to their constitution and preferences. While some thrive on a vegetarian diet, others do well on a paleo type of diet. And still others fit somewhere in between. I also take into consideration potential food intolerances that can be one of the underlying "hidden" factors that contribute to all sorts of symptoms from IBS to migraines to fatigue, amongst other ailments. 


Auricular Acupuncture (coming soon)


PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Kapadia does NOT work as a primary care doctor. She DOES work as a complementary care provider----she is available to provide a holistic view and treatment plan for a variety of disorders. She is happy to coordinate care with your primary care doctor and work with all of your providers.